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Green Surge in Europe

Green Surge in Europe

Green politics are becoming mainstream across the pond!...

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - JANUARY 7:  Minister ministry for infrastructure Leonore Gewessler (Green Party) during the swearing-in ceremony of the new Austrian government of Greens and Conservatives at Hofburg, Maria-Theresia Room on January 7, 2020 in Vienna, Austria. (Photo by Martin Juen/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

Green New Deal in Austria

Even under a conservative government, Austria is thinking green . . .

Wake up world leaders.

Toward climate sanity

Wake up World Leaders. The Alarm is Deafening.

Real Sustainability

Real Sustainability

The most important #resistance....

Civic Engagement

Ranked Choice Voting: Embracing a move from margins to the mainstream
Sep 10, 2018 | by | Comments Off on Ranked Choice Voting: Embracing a move from margins to the mainstream | Read →

By Rob Richie — In my 23 years at FairVote, I’ve seen my share of advances and setbacks. I’ve gone from years of working from home to having a staff of more than ten, the...

Green Politics Movement

The Green surge continues in Germany
Mar 14, 2021 | by | Comments Off on The Green surge continues in Germany | Read →

The next Chancellor of Germany (election in September 2021) could be a Green.

Top Stories

  • European Green Council meets amid ‘Green Wave’
    European Green Council meets amid ‘Green Wave’

    The Green bloc is a force within the European Parliament . . .

  • Green Progress in Ireland
    Green Progress in Ireland

    Funding for cycling and walking schemes will be ramped up in Ireland . . .

  • Biodiversity oblivion
    Biodiversity oblivion

    Trump buffoonery has been on the front pages every day for two years now. Meanwhile, rarely covered, is the very serious matter of the catastrophic decline in bird and insect popul...

From the Editors

The Thoughts Within
The Thoughts Within

We don’t have an overall specific theme this time that includes most or all of the articles. We have a medley of articles, some of which go together, such as the two articles on ...

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Letters to the Editor

TO THE EDITOR, I have been drawn to the Green Movement since its inception in Germany when Petra Kelly was its leader. Time has rolled on and the ecological toll on civilization is...

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UK GP Leadership
UK GP Leadership

The Green Party of England and Wales has two co-leaders under a pioneering job-share arrangement. Caroline Lucas is the Greens’ first Member of Parliament. In 2015 she was re...

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Stronger Communities

A New Movement for Ecovillagers

[This is the first of a projected three-part series focusing on innovative ways to foster places of equity, integrity, and sustainability.] By Joel Rothschild of the Ecovillagers A...

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Beyond the U.S.

Greens join governmental coalition in Belgium

The Greens now participate in no fewer than six European coalition governments . . .

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