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Green Horizon was launched sixteen years ago to provide extensive coverage of the global political movements for ecological responsibility and expanded democracy. We publish under the auspices of the Green Horizon Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Maine (all donations are therefore tax deductible).

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The Ten Key Values of the Greens

Ecological Wisdom
Personal and Social Responsibility
Grassroots Democracy
Community-based Economics
Respect for Diversity
Gender Equality
Global Responsibility
Sustainability / Thinking to the Seventh Generation

Our Community

We salute our readers and writers, most or all of whom are Green and Green-kindred people active in the crucial work of changing the world. We thank them for their courage, commitment, talent, and for their vision that started them on the pathway of Green leadership.

We ask Green leaders and leaders-to-be to link with one another whether through the hard copy of Green Horizon or our website, or both. We urge them to write up their stories, the heights thereof and the hard and often unforgiving depths thereof. We want them to reach out to others who may be languishing in the trenches, let them know that others are struggling and can give them a new spur of hope and strength to carry on.

We believe that each person has within her or himself the spark of self-agency – each one is capable of taking a lead at some point and in some way. One important hallmark of great leadership is the will and the ability of a leader to enable others to be leaders – to grow leadership! Many Greens, we have come to realize, are ambivalent about leaders and leadership. It has been, and is, a considerable handicap to the flowering of the Green Movement and Green Party. By fully sharing our hopes, doubts, fears, triumphs, and convictions we can deepen, expand, and develop the understanding and quality of Green leadership.

Our Stance Towards Political Parties is One of Impartiality

Green Horizon Foundation is not a promoter of a particular partisan political party. We are not like Green Pages, for example, which goes to bat for the United States Green Party and is an organ of that party. We do not fit that role. Nor could we, even if we wanted to, since Green Horizon Foundation is an entity to which tax deductible donations can be made under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. This prohibits us from partisan promotion of a specific political party or its candidates.

We believe that the party system in the United States, which is dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties, is not open, not accountable to the people, is not democratic, and is not responsible to the commonwealth of the United States as a whole or to the planet as a whole. The two major parties are similar in their fundamental policies and they work together to deny access to other voices, other parties, across the spectrum of political ideas, programs, policies, platforms, from up to down, from left to right.

Green Horizon Foundation is dedicated to open political party systems. Furthermore, we will be as impartial with respect to any particular party, such as the Green Party, as we are towards any and all others. Our guiding criterion is whether or not a political party evinces in its philosophy and its practice the principles of open-ness, accountability, democracy, and responsibility to the commonweal and to the planet.

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