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Ranked Choice Voting: Embracing a move from margins to the mainstream

By Rob Richie — In my 23 years at FairVote, I’ve seen my share of advances and setbacks. I’ve gone from years of working from home to having a staff of more than ten, then twice seen our budget boom and bust. We’ve played lynchpin roles to introduce ideas like universal voter registration, a constitutional […]

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Real Sustainability

The most important #resistance.

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The Green Path to Alternative Energy

Article by Linda Cree from Green Horizon No. 36, Spring 2018 . . . In facing our energy crisis, we seem to be at the crossroads Anishinaabe prophets described as the Time of the Seventh Fire. They warned that during this time humans would have to choose between two paths: the Burnt Path of destruction […]

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The Thoughts Within

We don’t have an overall specific theme this time that includes most or all of the articles. We have a medley of articles, some of which go together, such as the two articles on the rights of Indigenous peoples; and such as the commentary on Pope Francis’s historic Encyclical and the urgent call by Ben […]

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Indigenous People in the Eye of Climate Disruption

By Romi Elnagar “What we are fighting to protect is the survival of this generation and the continuation of the human race,” fifteen-year-old climate activist Xiuhtezcatl Roske- Martinez told the United Nations General Assembly on June 29. “My father raised me in the Mexica [Aztec] tradition. I learned from [him] is that …every living thing […]

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Biodiversity oblivion

Trump buffoonery has been on the front pages every day for two years now. Meanwhile, rarely covered, is the very serious matter of the catastrophic decline in bird and insect populations.

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Letters to the Editor

TO THE EDITOR, I have been drawn to the Green Movement since its inception in Germany when Petra Kelly was its leader. Time has rolled on and the ecological toll on civilization is incalculable, evidenced by climatic changes, choking pollution and human neglect. Though not as readily noticeable in Western countries, the environmental catastrophe is […]

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UK GP Leadership

The Green Party of England and Wales has two co-leaders under a pioneering job-share arrangement. Caroline Lucas is the Greens’ first Member of Parliament. In 2015 she was re-elected to the Brighton Pavilion seat she took from Labour in 2010, with an increased majority of nearly 8,000. Jonathan Bartley, who attended the London School of […]

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Green Surge in the Netherlands

Jesse Klaver, leader of the Green Party of the Netherlands (“Green Left”), has been electrifying European politics. His party gained 10 seats in the recent Dutch general election, rising to an all-time high of 14.

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Early History of the Green Party

Just out …… a fascinating history of the development of the Green Party of the United States …… click on the title above to access the document ……    

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