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Global Greens News

Global Greens is the partnership of the world’s Green parties and political movements, working cooperatively to implement the Global Greens Charter. This unique and inspiring document sets out our core values of ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability and respect for diversity. With members in nearly 90 countries, the Greens are the world’s […]

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The Swedish Greens: Which Way Forward?

A fierce campaign against nuclear power and then a referendum in Sweden in early 1980 started it all – or perhaps released all the built-up political frustrations. The set-up of the referendum was meant to give a “yes” or “no” to continued use of nuclear power plants in Sweden, but was seen by many as […]

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Engaging Online Readers

Since April 2005, has served the important purpose of providing us an informational presence on the web, a platform for Green blogging, and a channel for announcements about our work. But we feel it’s time to do more! So now, in pursuit of a more active online network and to reach out to new […]