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October 26th, 2012  |  Published in From the Editors  |  1 Comment

Since April 2005, has served the important purpose of providing us an informational presence on the web, a platform for Green blogging, and a channel for announcements about our work.

But we feel it’s time to do more! So now, in pursuit of a more active online network and to reach out to new readers, our team has transitioned to this substantially upgraded Green Horizon hub.


Brie Welzer is thrilled to be supporting the journal and looks forward to engaging Green Horizon readers online.

We welcome your support as we move forward and encourage you to contact Brie, our Marketing and Communications Manager ([email protected]), to hear about how you can participate with our project.









One Comment

  1. Paul Krumm says:

    If you want to engage readers, one thing you could do is enable comments.

    I wanted to comment on the global governance article that its assumption that we do not have global government is not valid. The World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and other international economic treaties comprise an effective world government, albeit not a democratic one.

    In peace, Paul

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