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Our Redesigned Website!

October 14th, 2013  |  Published in From the Editors

One of the major themes throughout Green Horizon Magazine is community, with emphasis on engagement, participation, and mutual enlightenment. And now, with the intention of better supporting our community of readers — and also to foster the development of an online GH community—we’ve redesigned our website (

We will be updating the site on a regular basis with information about Green movement news and events. We’ll be posting articles from current and previous issues of the magazine. And we’ll be making it possible for readers to interact with contributors, staff and each other.

We also hope to start taking steps beyond print to connect more personally with our readersthrough audio and video podcasts (via YouTube and iTunes). Through these media our editors and writers can introduce themselves “off the-page,” adding a whole new dimension to the Green Horizon project.

Brie Welzer will be coordinating our online presence and we think you’ll be impressed with her aspirations to transform  the web site into a vibrant multi-media platform.

For example, she’s planning to schedule live Q&A virtual events where contributors can answer questions from readers and elaborate on concepts mentioned in their articles. We feel that these and other modes of online engagement will represent a logical progression for us, enabling ourreadersto become active and involved.

Our hats off to Brie and to Dotgarden our very capable and creative Webmaster. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about these new directions and we hope you’ll be motivated to participate in the kind of dialoguing that has the potential to enrich us all. We’ve always appreciated our community of readers and contributors. Now we anticipate an exciting expansionof that community as we substantially enhance our online presence.

– The Editors


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