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June 19th, 2018  |  Published in From the Editors

JRWe don’t have an overall specific theme this time that includes most or all of the articles. We have a medley of articles, some of which go together, such as the two articles on the rights of Indigenous peoples; and such as the commentary on Pope Francis’s historic Encyclical and the urgent call by Ben Kjelshus mirroring the Pope’s “On the Care of Our Common Home.”

But all of the articles have a certain lilt to them. The lilt is the degree to which each one, though rooted in the extant reality of life now, poses the possibility of transformation and reveals a pathway to transformation. Please read them in that light and you will glean more from them than might have thought.

Another way of saying the same thing is to look at the articles as gateways to a new framework, or better said, as gateways to a new paradigm. What we strive for is to usher our minds not only into a new framework, or paradigm, but into savoring and contemplating taking steps to get there faster and freer than before—and realizing that we are living it now in its beginnings. Such can be the healing and inspiring of words.

Please consider in that light the new way to think about Israel/Palestine that Justine McCabe invites us to undertake; Meg Chittendon’s way to think and creatively conduct the education of children; Steve Welzer’s review of the provocative thoughts of a provocative writer; Finland’s Marko Ulvila on a failed but exciting new political party eruption in India; and Rob Richie’s ever-courageous and ingenious shepherding of us to replace an unworkable and oppressive electoral system in the United States.

I’ve left for the last my musings about Bernie. As you reach the last page of the issue you will see my unorthodox call to Bernie (which I know will go unheeded) to join the Green Party’s Jill Stein in her valiant bid for the presidency of the United States. Yet there is the potential for transformation there, even there.—JR

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